Posted by: jigglefree | January 6, 2010

Day Three

Well it’s been three days towards the new me.

Day one was good.  It was hard but I got through it.  I got my husband to help me to help me exercise even though I had a terrible headache.  I made it which is my first accomplishments.  Thank God I found because they are very supportive.  I would feel hungry, go to the site to see some of the success stories and the hungry would go away.  Or I would get so caught up in reading threads that time went really fast and then it was time to eat.  Thank you ladies.

Day two ooooooo what a struggle.  I did good until after my afternoon snack.  I got another intense headache.  When I got home I was famished.  My daughter did her run up to mommy hello, I hugged her and ran into the kitchen, fixed my dinner and ate it as slow as I could.  My head stopped hurting for about 20 minutes.  Then we started our workout and I pressed through another headache.  I figured it is my body is going through withdrawals from not eating as much as it is used to and working out.  I will keep going because I must get healthy.

Day three is going well so far.  I got my morning breakfast – protein smoothie.    When I got to work I drank lemon water to keep the hunger to a minimum.  Though it’s only been two full days, I feel pretty good and confident that I can make it through the day with ease.  I have plenty of tylenol for the headaches because I will do this, this go around.  I made through the evening got a slight headache before leaving work but wasn’t as hungry.  I finished my workout and didn’t need to eat my evening snack.  I did much down a graham cracker though.


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