Posted by: jigglefree | January 7, 2010

Day Four!!!

Well today is a GREAT day.  I had a strawberry, water and whey protein shake for breakfast and it lasted til my morning snack.  Which was a gogurt yogurt snack.  Then I made it to lunch a little past time because I had to go pray first.  My stomach growled but no headache, PRAISE GOD!!!  How bout my lunch is a morning star veggie burger, on whole wheat thins,  with a slice of lettuce and two thin slices of tomatoes and 32 oz of water (with lemon).  I AM FULL!!!!!!!  Two days ago I was still hungry.  My body is going to do what I tell it to do and this weight is all coming off.  I am soooooo excited.  I feel victorious today.  Well we will see how I feel at my next snack time.  I have two cups of plain Cheerios dry.  I look forward to eating those because it’s the time of day I usually need something crunchy.  If you couldn’t tell I’m excited.  Will see how the I’m feeling from snack time to dinner because that seems to be the bewitching time for me.  I have my turkey roll and evening snack.  Let’s see what happens.

My husband worked out with me last night and I wore him out.  I feeling like I’m back in the workout routine.  Feeling the burn from the pushups, crunches, leg and ball lifts.  We are making progress.  YAY!!!


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