Posted by: jigglefree | January 9, 2010

Day Six

It’s the weekend and there is not as much structure that the weekdays bring.  But I’ve had breakfast and I have cut my breakfast calories.  I am trying to make sure I get to a good intake with all my meals so that I will be full all day or at least not hungry.  So this morning I had a protein smoothie – 190 calories for breakfast.  I usually have a gogurt – 70 calories for my morning snack and I will probably maintain that.  I have a veggie burger on a whole wheat thin with a two slices of tomatoes and a leaf of romaine lettuce with vinegrette dressing 300 calories for lunch.  Then I have 2 cups of cheerios –  200 calories for my afternoon snack.  For dinner I have a turkey roll – 275 calories for dinner.   Then I close the day out with a little popcorn maybe 200- calories.  I don’t usually need to evening snack but I eat it anyway.  I may cut it out because I want to loose this weight.  Now that my body is used to not having so many calories and I work out in the evening I can get this weight off faster.  I have created a routine that is doable.

Now we have to go to Charlotte for a funeral and I have devised a plan.  I will take my food with us so I don’t get off plan.  I will be packing for the days we are gone.  I need to make sure I don’t ruin my current progress.  I feel like I have crossed over a major milestone and I want to continue to make progress.  We will be staying with my sister but since the funeral is in the middle of the week she will  be at work most of the day Monday so we can get away with not explaining why we have our own food.

My husband decided to make a few changes in his food intake and he is having a hard time with breakfast.  I have been asking him to sit down with me so we can get a meal plan together but he has yet to do so.  He just wants to wing it and I keep telling him he needs a plan so meals won’t be a struggle and he doesn’t quit.

I started my cardio last night and it was pretty good.  I only did like 11 minutes but it was a start.  So we did our push ups, sit ups, leg lifts, leg tosses and I did cardio.  I will gradually increase the cardio like I increased my floor exercises.  Every two days I add 5 sit ups and 5 push ups and on day five I added a little cardio.  I feel a real commitment to my “Hidden Self”!!


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