Posted by: jigglefree | January 12, 2010

Day Nine

I missed posting yesterday because of packing and traveling.  But that’s cool because it’s back on task today.

Well it’s day nine and things are feeling pretty “normal”.  My body has adapted to my eating regimen.  I know when to eat so that I don’t get so hungry that I eat everything in sight.  SO we are doing pretty good.

We are in Charlotte for a funeral and I packed all our food to stay on task.  When we arrived last night, my sister insisted that we eat what she had, which wasn’t too bad.  She had baked chicken leg quarters, dressing, collard greens and cornbread.  The good news is I only had chicken and collard greens.  My daughter ate my dressing and part of the chicken.  I wanted more greens and my husband said I had gotten enough the first go around.  Which was true.  They were so good and I just wanted seconds.  I conceded and found after I drank the rest of my water I was good.  A MAJOR victory for me!!!!  I thanked my hubby for making sure I didn’t go to far over my calories.  I didn’t have an evening snack because I wasn’t too sure about the number of calories I had consumed.

This morning I woke up to my almost normal breakfast because I had packed it but I failed to pack my gogurt snack.  So I substituted the gogurt for a trail mix bar and it did the job.  I’m good.  I’m happy that I’m so committed to my cause.  Normally I would have chalked it up to we are traveling and as not to upset anyone, I eat whatever then my diet is shot.  I just go backwards and not loose but gain.  NOT THIS TIME.  I passed the first of many test.

On another cool note, my husband of which I have a very difficult time getting to change his eating habits is on board and he’s doing surprisingly well.  No complaining about me not letting him eat anything, no drinking anything but water and juice (very little of that) and he’s actually working out with me everyday.  So we will be healthy together.

We decided on what would be our fluctuation weight once we reach our goals.  Should he gain 10 pounds it will be time to respond and if I gain 5 it’s time to respond.  I know how quick you can gain if you let yourself get off track and not respond.

Things are look up for us already.  United in health!!!!


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