Posted by: jigglefree | January 16, 2010

Day Twelve

Well the day started normally like it has the last eleven.  Well, lunch time rolled around and that’s when things went south.  I don’t know how many calories I had I just know what I ate.  I did well but then went back for seconds and got fruit and a 1/4 of a steak quesadilla.  I felt bad afterwards because I didn’t need it because I was full.  I think I may have had 200 more calories than I normally have for lunch so I didn’t eat my 200 calorie snack.  I came home from work and cooked dinner and had about 350 calories and my 100 calorie snack.  I may not have done as much damage as I think I did but it will be okay.  I will not get down on myself or feel like I blew it because I believe I can do this no matter what.

One thing was funny, I used basmati rice instead for brown rice and my husband reprimanded me.  LOL!!!

We are going to do our strength training because when we missed, my body is in pain today.  If I have to I will work out alone because I will not be defeated.  Next month I should have a great report about my clothing size.  I am so looking forward to that day I go try on a size smaller than I am wearing.  I will get down to that size 10 and stay there.

I told my friends at work about my new life so they can pray for me.  They were very supportive and encouraging.  I’m feeling like I will be more successful than I’m anticipating.


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