Posted by: jigglefree | January 18, 2010

Days Fourteen and Fifteen

Where do I start???  Day 14 –  I got up and did  my daily routine.  Got church in and moved my daughter into her own room completely.  That is my own personal milestone.  I get to be a grown up in my own room without worrying about her waking up and wondering what’s going on.  YAY!!!  We went picked other items we need for meal times and whatnot.  Got a call that my niece was in a car accident and called the other niece to check on her.  I got my work out (mall walking) done and that was great.  I’m feeling empowered.

Day 15 – I was planning to get the house and car cleaned get in a walk around the park but how many of you know, life is going to happen.  I got a call that my niece was having surgery on her leg, yesterday it was broken, today it’s shattered.  So I stopped my day’s activities to go see about her.  We didn’t know when she would be having surgery.  I started to get the baby and myself ready but there was an interruption.  I started trying on clothes I haven’t been able to wear because I couldn’t close them.  I GOT IN THE SIZE 20 & SMALL 22!!!  The caps are my way of expressing my excitement.   I have been pumped every since.  Well we got to the hospital and she was still in surgery so we went to a couple of stores and back to the hospital.  Only to find out the baby couldn’t stay.  So I wasted a perfectly good day on things I didn’t need to do.  Had I known that we would have waited until my husband got off.  But by the time I found out I couldn’t stay I had to go to  get him.  I just came home so I could at least wash the car.  It will rain in a couple of days but I needed it washed because it was filthy.  Now it looks great.

I have stayed on plan today and feeling good.  I washed my car but the clothes are still in the floor.  I will get as many of them done as possible before bed but I have to get my workout done.  I will make sure the words I say to myself are positive and productive because that is part of making sure my mental image stays in step with my physical self.  I have noticed on 3FC a lot of people miss this part and struggle when they reach goal.  They seem to think the confidence will come with the weight loss especially when there is a lot of weight to lose.  I don’t want that to be me.  I have been in the position where I freak out when I am losing weight real good.  I need to press past the compliments and meet my goal.  I will speak well of me while losing weight so I can get make goal and maintain it.


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