Posted by: jigglefree | January 23, 2010

Day Nineteen

This day was full of challenges. work was willy nilly.  All over the place with one thing or another.  Still making sure I got my meals in and not let myself get too hungry.  It seems when I get too hungry I tend to want to eat  more.  Also I tend to think about eating until I do.  There is usually a brief notification of the time to eat and if I don’t stop and eat then I tend to want to eat more it seems like I didn’t get enough to eat.  It’s easy to stay on task when I’m not in a meeting at the time of my feeding.  The cool thing is I always thought I would never forget to eat.  Now I know it’s not good to miss meals.  I don’t think I drank all my water.  I try to drink at least a liter at work but I think I fell short by about 8 oz.

We went out to OCharley’s for diner and I had a serving of sweet potato fries and a cesear salad.  I had my chicken strips but only ate one.  We got it to go along with my daughter’s sweet potato fries.  When we got home I decided there will be no evening snack and it’s too late to shred.  I’m waiting for the little girl to go to sleep so I can have some honey time!!  That will be my workout for the day!!!!


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