Posted by: jigglefree | January 28, 2010

Day Twenty – Five

I haven’t blogged in a few days because there was nothing to say really

.  Well yesterday was a GREAT day.  I fit in my brown pin stripped suit which I haven’t been able to put on an close in at least a year.  I was so excited.  I was getting ready for work and after I got dressed I felt so pretty.  I guess it was exuding from the way I was feeling about fitting in that suit which happens to be a size 20.  I plan to go to the store on the day before Valentine’s Day and try on a size 20 because I’m hoping to be able to fit in a new size 20.  By that I mean some of your clothes will grow a little or a lot as you grow.  But then too a size 20 can range in fit depending on the maker and cut of the clothes.  I’m optimistic about it and I still have two weeks of good eating and 30 day shred.  I have also incorporated two days at the gym at work.  A day of cardio and a day of weight lifting.  I am so excited.  I have been eating on plan and it feels like my metabolism has been kicked up a notch again.  I think it was the extra workout added because I still do the 30 day shred.  I bought weights and a mat so I can get the full benefit of the workout.

I have been measuring my hips, lower belly (the stubborn part) waist and under my breast.  I lost a few inches, 1 under the breast, 2 in my waist, 3/4 in my lower belly and 2 in my hips.  How cool is that.  I’m really feeling good about my progress.  I would like to see faster progress but I don’t want to loose too fast and end up with a lot of jiggly skin.  That’s what keeps me on point when I feel bad because the tape isn’t telling me what I want to see.

Well gottta get my shred in may post later depending on what the day brings.


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