Posted by: jigglefree | January 30, 2010

Day Twenty Eight

I am getting really excited about my progress.

I went to try on a brand new size 22 to see how close I am to my goal of a 2o by 2/13/10.  Well hot diggity dog, I got in the size 20.  I tried several different designers because women’s sizes are all over the place.  Of course I got in some with ease and they fit.  The other end of the spectrum, I put on some that were WAY too tight, cut off my circulation even.  I had a fit.  I was so excited about trying on the clothes that I was on the men’s side of the room.  I contained myself until we got to the car but I was pumped.

I did my 30 Day Shred and went to the gym for 20 mins of cardio and weight training.  I got home and wanted to do something else but my husband wasn’t feeling well so I went to sleep.  I’m thinking about increasing my calorie count to 1800 a day.  Maybe I will have to “ZigZag’ the counts.  Right now I eat plenty on 1500 calories.  If I go up it will be when I do the gym days and 30 Day Shred on the same day.  The day care owner is having boot camp on Saturdays and wanted me to join them but I may have to take a pass on that one.  I need some dancing workouts.

I have learned something about myself.  I looked back over my other attempts to loose weight and realize some things about the break down that I hope I can push past this time.  One, I realized that I would be going along quite well and when people start complimenting me and it puts the brakes on, I quit, gain the weight back and there are usually some extra pounds with it.  Then of course, I never had a plan for when the weight comes off.  Now, because of 3FC I have a plan.  I never really had any goals through the process or something to look forward to at any particular time.  I was just going through the motions.  Now I have goals, dates to reach those goals and a plan for maintaining those goals once I reach them.  This time is different.  I don’t even go in the plus size stores or sections of department stores except to try on clothes to check my progress.  As for how I will handle the compliments, I think the fact that I’m married now and not expecting someone to like me or love me after the fact is going to help me move forward.  My husband usually compliments me and makes me feel attractive and desired.  I have great support on 3FC and  it helps me on the tough days.  They understand the weaknesses I have because some of them have gone through or are going through the same challenges.

I still haven’t told any of my friends about my weight loss nor all my family members.  Two of my sisters and two nieces know and they have been very supportive.  This is a great thing because when the rest of my family sees me at the family reunion they will be shocked.  I will for sure be parading around like a peacock.  I plan to be in a size 14 by July and a 10 by October.  Of course, if I get there before then I will be elated.  As a matter of fact, I will be a hot mess.


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