Posted by: jigglefree | February 7, 2010

Past the first wall!!

Life is always gonna test your commitment.  I have been making lots of progress and seeing the tape measure move.  Well I tried to get ahead of myself and almost created a mishap.  I got in one my overly eager attitudes and decided to go to the store and try on some size 18 pants.  Not good because I was just fitting into the size 20.  Of course I got disappointed.  I was feeling real sad and started some bad self talk.  I said to myself, “you can’t fit an 18 how do you think you will get to a 10?”  Then I was feeling like I was defeated.  Now let us not forget before I got to the store I had lost three inches in my waist, two and a half in my belly, three in my hips and two under my breast.  So I would say that is great progress in 30 days.  I got myself together and said, “I have made some good progress and am not about to talk myself into quitting I am not going to let myself go down this road.”  I recovered quickly.  I didn’t give myself room for failure.  Because in times past I would have quit and we home and started eating.  I have a great support in my husband.  He and I talked about it and he told me I was doing great.

Wall #1 DOWN!!!


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