Posted by: jigglefree | February 9, 2010

What a WEEK!!

It’s only Tuesday and I’m having some kind of week.  On a good note, I’m doing well on my eating and working out.  I stayed on plan on Super Bowl Sunday.  Baked chicken wings, only about 10 and a few chips.  Monday was more stressful at work but I made it through.  I actually went home and laid on my husband’s chest and was about to cry.  Then he was complaining about that bump under his chin so I was more sad so he took me shopping.  He loves his wife.  How bout that.  I was concerned about him because it seemed like the bump bothered me more than it did him.  He called the dr that gave him antibiotics and was told to go see the dermatologist.  I was upset with that answer and was demanding he go somewhere to get a second opinion.

I prayed about it later that night and God gave me wisdom.  He said go to the dermatologist.  I called the dermatologist that the primary care physician recommended this morning and they got him in today.  Well I prayed with my girls at lunch and we took the bull by the horns.  He called and said it’s a cyst and he had to be cut so that it could be dealt with.  He has to go back on Friday for something, I don’t know what.  I may go with him depending on how he feels about me being there.

The other note of yukkiness came when I dropped the baby off at daycare and was told if she isn’t going to be coming full time they will have to give up her spot since I don’t pay for it.  Well great!!!  Lets have fun this morning.  So we discussed that and decided she would go back full time.  I phoned the daycare and they were happy about that.  YEA, YEA, YEA!!!

I realized that it’s the devil coming after my commitment to loose weight.  I have been doing very well making sure I stay in my calorie count and getting my exercise.  So to throw me off he is trying to upset me by attacking my family.  I refused to bow down.  I beat another wall!!

Today for the first time since I started my search for my “HIDDEN SELF”, more than one person noticed my weight loss.  It will increase after this month because I’m starting to loose my pants…they are getting too big.  I plan to go to the gym after work.  After I spoke with my husband I was thinking about not going but that’s not an option.

I will keep going!!!  I will reach my goal of a size 10!!!


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