Posted by: jigglefree | June 9, 2010


Well the last time I posted I was at the beginning my journey and working to get in a dress my husband gave me for an anniversary gift.  Well I got in it and that was grand.  Well now it’s almost too loose.  I received a pair of Old Navy Jeans (size 16) from an online friend.  We fondly call them “Traveling Shrinking Pants”!!  I was so excited to receive them and didn’t think they would fit.  I got in them but they were extremely tight.  So my goal was to fit them by May 16 and I made that goal.  Well now we are in the middle of  a July 4th Challenge and my goal is to be “close” to a 14.  I find that clothes are very motivating so I purchased a couple of shirts so that I have a measurable goal.  I’m still counting calories and measuring myself which is amazing.  When I started I only hoped that I would make it this far and here I am.  Four sizes later, I’m feeling good.

I have learned a lot about myself and my body.  I have lost a lot of inches and I will be checking my weight this week.  I went to the dr a few weeks ago and was at 242 I was a little disappointed because I had weighed in the gym and it was showing 219.  What a gap.  But I realized it is still lower than I was in 05 when I had my breast reduction.  It would be nice to see 230 something this week.  If not there’s always next month.  The awesome thing is how my body carries weight and seeing how people the same weight are two sizes larger but I would attribute it to all the toning I’ve been doing.  That’s the good thing about toning while loosing, you can wear smaller sizes.  I also realized that I want to work on mass.  I don’t was to be toned and fat.  I want to be lean and slim.   I could potentially be at 150 and a size 10 or 8.  I really want to get to 130 pounds, just to see what it looks like on me.  Which is more than 100 pounds.  I think I may have lost a good bit of weight because I was wearing a 24 and to be in a 16 there would need to be loss of mass.  Now I will be focusing on loosing mass and I will continue to tone so that I don’t loose the firmness I have.

I’m feeling bones and that is surreal.  I can feel my ribs and that is sooooo cool.  I feel part of the bones in my arms and can see my collar bones peeping through when I get dressed.  Looking forward to seeing them by the family reunion.  When I lay on my side I feel my hip bones.  I also realize laying on my side can be painful because there is not as much cushion.  One of my favorite things is my husband can put his arms ALL THE WAY AROUND ME!!!  I don’t have as much fat to lift in the shower.  It slips out of my hand and the first time that happened it caught me off guard.  I had to think about what was going on that it slipped.  I wear more dresses and heels.  I actually look for dresses and skirts when I go shopping.  When I flex my legs I can hit them and they don’t jiggle.  My shoulders are square and not triangular.  My arms are cutting and I see muscles.  My stomach isn’t as big and the rolls of fat on my sides and back are disappearing.  The one under my arms is almost gone.   I wear short sleeves more and they look better.   My neck doesn’t have rolls any more.  No double chin.  Another thing I love is going into stores that don’t carry plus sizes and I don’t look out of place or like I’m shopping for someone else.  I will NEVER forget the day I went shopping and could fit the bras in Victoria Secret and clothes in NY and Company.  That was an UNBELIEVABLE feeling.  All of my capris from last summer are too big so I have to get some things for the summer.  It feels good to say nothing in my closet fits because it’s too big and not because I’m too big.

I have seen how even now the devil is on the attack where my weight is concerned and it’s been rough but I have been victorious.  I know the battle is in the mind and as long as I don’t give up, cave in and quit I will be a size 10!!  My goal is still October 10 and I’m will be working towards that goal.  If it takes longer that’s fine too because I won’t stop!!

I will be posting pictures of my journey because it helps me to see how far I have come.


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