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Day Nineteen

This day was full of challenges. work was willy nilly.  All over the place with one thing or another.  Still making sure I got my meals in and not let myself get too hungry.  It seems when I get too hungry I tend to want to eat  more.  Also I tend to think about eating until I do.  There is usually a brief notification of the time to eat and if I don’t stop and eat then I tend to want to eat more it seems like I didn’t get enough to eat.  It’s easy to stay on task when I’m not in a meeting at the time of my feeding.  The cool thing is I always thought I would never forget to eat.  Now I know it’s not good to miss meals.  I don’t think I drank all my water.  I try to drink at least a liter at work but I think I fell short by about 8 oz.

We went out to OCharley’s for diner and I had a serving of sweet potato fries and a cesear salad.  I had my chicken strips but only ate one.  We got it to go along with my daughter’s sweet potato fries.  When we got home I decided there will be no evening snack and it’s too late to shred.  I’m waiting for the little girl to go to sleep so I can have some honey time!!  That will be my workout for the day!!!!

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Day Eighteen

I’m doing really well foregoing foods I don’t need.  There were some of my co workers drinking smoothies loaded down with calories and offered me some.  They had fruit, frozen yogurt, powdered smoothie mix, milk and bananas.  They offered me a cup but I didn’t take it.  I had my afternoon snack that was what I had to eat to keep my calorie count on point.  The smoothie looked tasty but I knew it wasn’t going to be in my best interest.  The increase in calories has been good.  I think I may alternate my calorie count weekly.

After I got home from work, I ate dinner and went to bed.  It was about 7pn.  I woke up at about 2 and did my 30 day shred workout.  I have to do it at odd times because my daughter won’t let me do my workout because she wants me to pick her up or she grabs my legs.  I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost but I feel great.  I feel empowered, like I have taken my life back from my destructive health habits.  It’s great and I really feel like this time is the time my weight loss will be permanent.

I plan to try on some of my smaller clothes so I can see my progress.  I want to see if I can wear my dress my husband bought me for our anniversary.  Man if I can fit that dress and it lays right, I will be even more motivated.  I will update it in the next blog.  If it doesn’t fit I will have to keep working until it does.  I want it to look good so I can take my husband on a date.

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Days Sixteen and Seventeen

This is not becoming my habit, posting every two days or so.

This has been a crazy week. My niece was in a car accident and work has me so tired that after I workout I don’t feel like typing anything.

Day 16 – Tuesday I think I over shot the calories. I started with what I was used to having and had to find places to inject the extra. It was hard but my husband was very helpful making sure I got to my number.  We went to the mall and did our walk.  I went home and went to bed.

Day 17 – Wednesday was funny because I was feeling hungry even though I was eating things that were satisfying me. It was my thinking my metabolism has increased and requires more energy to keep going.

I had to go see about my niece and I did the 30 day shred are her house.   I worked out while she and talked about her accident but now I am sooo sore. Jillian gives you a real workout.  Now I gotta get to a place of keeping up with level 1. The burn of the workout is unreal. But that lets me know that I’m really working out.  As long as I do the 30 shred for 30 days I will be looking completely different.

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Days Fourteen and Fifteen

Where do I start???  Day 14 –  I got up and did  my daily routine.  Got church in and moved my daughter into her own room completely.  That is my own personal milestone.  I get to be a grown up in my own room without worrying about her waking up and wondering what’s going on.  YAY!!!  We went picked other items we need for meal times and whatnot.  Got a call that my niece was in a car accident and called the other niece to check on her.  I got my work out (mall walking) done and that was great.  I’m feeling empowered.

Day 15 – I was planning to get the house and car cleaned get in a walk around the park but how many of you know, life is going to happen.  I got a call that my niece was having surgery on her leg, yesterday it was broken, today it’s shattered.  So I stopped my day’s activities to go see about her.  We didn’t know when she would be having surgery.  I started to get the baby and myself ready but there was an interruption.  I started trying on clothes I haven’t been able to wear because I couldn’t close them.  I GOT IN THE SIZE 20 & SMALL 22!!!  The caps are my way of expressing my excitement.   I have been pumped every since.  Well we got to the hospital and she was still in surgery so we went to a couple of stores and back to the hospital.  Only to find out the baby couldn’t stay.  So I wasted a perfectly good day on things I didn’t need to do.  Had I known that we would have waited until my husband got off.  But by the time I found out I couldn’t stay I had to go to  get him.  I just came home so I could at least wash the car.  It will rain in a couple of days but I needed it washed because it was filthy.  Now it looks great.

I have stayed on plan today and feeling good.  I washed my car but the clothes are still in the floor.  I will get as many of them done as possible before bed but I have to get my workout done.  I will make sure the words I say to myself are positive and productive because that is part of making sure my mental image stays in step with my physical self.  I have noticed on 3FC a lot of people miss this part and struggle when they reach goal.  They seem to think the confidence will come with the weight loss especially when there is a lot of weight to lose.  I don’t want that to be me.  I have been in the position where I freak out when I am losing weight real good.  I need to press past the compliments and meet my goal.  I will speak well of me while losing weight so I can get make goal and maintain it.

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Day Thirteen

I made it through another day.  I did a good job today sticking to plan.  The exciting thing is we found a cookbook that will help in reaching goal.  It has lots of tasty low calorie receipes.  We picked up some things and eating is about to get a lot more fun.

This morning I worked out with Jillian WOW.  I also went mall walking with my husband.  Now my body is sore, sore, sore.  I didn’t do any strength training.  Tomorrow is the end of two weeks and I need to get meal planning for the third and fourth weeks.  My plan is to increase my calorie intake to 1500 calories for the next two weeks and then go back to 1200.  My current understanding of how this thing works is to keep my calorie count flucuating so I’ll see.  I’ll be increasing my workout as well.  My body shouldn’t get caught up in the blah blah.

It’s exciting and I feel empowered that I have taken my life and health back.  I’m expecting by summer to be in a size 16 at most.  A 14 would be better for the family reunion.  Maybe be in a 10 by Christmas at the latest.  We’ll see.  I’m focusing on fitting in at least 1 size smaller by Valentines Day right now.  Seems like I’m on point for that goal.

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Day Twelve

Well the day started normally like it has the last eleven.  Well, lunch time rolled around and that’s when things went south.  I don’t know how many calories I had I just know what I ate.  I did well but then went back for seconds and got fruit and a 1/4 of a steak quesadilla.  I felt bad afterwards because I didn’t need it because I was full.  I think I may have had 200 more calories than I normally have for lunch so I didn’t eat my 200 calorie snack.  I came home from work and cooked dinner and had about 350 calories and my 100 calorie snack.  I may not have done as much damage as I think I did but it will be okay.  I will not get down on myself or feel like I blew it because I believe I can do this no matter what.

One thing was funny, I used basmati rice instead for brown rice and my husband reprimanded me.  LOL!!!

We are going to do our strength training because when we missed, my body is in pain today.  If I have to I will work out alone because I will not be defeated.  Next month I should have a great report about my clothing size.  I am so looking forward to that day I go try on a size smaller than I am wearing.  I will get down to that size 10 and stay there.

I told my friends at work about my new life so they can pray for me.  They were very supportive and encouraging.  I’m feeling like I will be more successful than I’m anticipating.

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Day Eleven

WHAT A DAY.  Today was my first day at work this week and it was very busy.  I had to make sure I didn’t get off track with my meals.  I did real good.  I usually pray on Thursday with co workers but today I had to eat and pray.  We prayed for the people of Haiti since the tragic earthquake.  It was good.  I had to run back to my office so I could get back to work.  I didn’t get all my calories in today because I tried some different things.  I ate the granola bar instead of gogurt and I don’t think I like that.  This evening I was craving sugar and the only thing I could attribute that to is the granola.  I came to that conclusion because I haven’t craved sugar in the past 10 days.  I am going to stop the granola because I don’t want to have sugar cravings.  I want to continue to loose and whatever adjustments are needed I’m willing to make them.

We did our strength training and cardio today.  I feel pretty good now.  I should sleep really well tonight.

This weekend I will be looking at more size 10 clothing since that is my goal, I want to get the vision etched in my memory.

I was looking at the 3FC site and there are people talking about how their mental picture of themselves don’t match their clothing or scales.  I don’t want that to be me so I need to work on that now.  I want my mind and body to arrive at the same size at the same time.  I will be asking God what to do because self sabotage is not an option.

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Day Ten

We are back from Charlotte and we did well.  We didn’t undo all the work we have done so far and we didn’t ruin our diet.  We are going to be so sexy.  We found new snacks, chewy granola bars – 130 calories.  Our cardio was walking laps at the mall, walmart and target.  We are trying to mix it up so we don’t get bored.  I still will be doing my strength training everyday so my body is toned as we decrease.  I don’t want my body to go from jiggly to saggy…not sexy at all.  I am aiming for straight sexy.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned but I am not doing weight loss but I’m downsizing.  I don’t know my weight anyway.  As well, if I had a scale I would weigh myself all the time and when I don’t loose weight I’d get discouraged and this could cause me to loose heart.  But checking my sizes every 30-45 days seems reasonable.  That way the results are better and more encouraging.

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Day Nine

I missed posting yesterday because of packing and traveling.  But that’s cool because it’s back on task today.

Well it’s day nine and things are feeling pretty “normal”.  My body has adapted to my eating regimen.  I know when to eat so that I don’t get so hungry that I eat everything in sight.  SO we are doing pretty good.

We are in Charlotte for a funeral and I packed all our food to stay on task.  When we arrived last night, my sister insisted that we eat what she had, which wasn’t too bad.  She had baked chicken leg quarters, dressing, collard greens and cornbread.  The good news is I only had chicken and collard greens.  My daughter ate my dressing and part of the chicken.  I wanted more greens and my husband said I had gotten enough the first go around.  Which was true.  They were so good and I just wanted seconds.  I conceded and found after I drank the rest of my water I was good.  A MAJOR victory for me!!!!  I thanked my hubby for making sure I didn’t go to far over my calories.  I didn’t have an evening snack because I wasn’t too sure about the number of calories I had consumed.

This morning I woke up to my almost normal breakfast because I had packed it but I failed to pack my gogurt snack.  So I substituted the gogurt for a trail mix bar and it did the job.  I’m good.  I’m happy that I’m so committed to my cause.  Normally I would have chalked it up to we are traveling and as not to upset anyone, I eat whatever then my diet is shot.  I just go backwards and not loose but gain.  NOT THIS TIME.  I passed the first of many test.

On another cool note, my husband of which I have a very difficult time getting to change his eating habits is on board and he’s doing surprisingly well.  No complaining about me not letting him eat anything, no drinking anything but water and juice (very little of that) and he’s actually working out with me everyday.  So we will be healthy together.

We decided on what would be our fluctuation weight once we reach our goals.  Should he gain 10 pounds it will be time to respond and if I gain 5 it’s time to respond.  I know how quick you can gain if you let yourself get off track and not respond.

Things are look up for us already.  United in health!!!!

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Day Seven – The End of My First Week

WOW!!  I am making good progress.  I have stuck with my eating plan and things are well.  I don’t go into starvation mode.  Eating six small meals a day has gotten me in a groove.  I know what I can eat and when I can eat it.  I get my workout in and I’m feeling good.

Today I did the Jillian Michael workout and MAN O MAN.  Now I see why people on the Biggest Loser end up in such good shape at the end.  She ain’t no joke.  I was making it through, until my toddler woke up and thought it would  be fun to jump on my chest and grab my legs while doing cardio.     Then it was time for lunch.  My husband woke up looking glossy eyed asking why I let him sleep so long.  I figure his body needed it.

Tonight was date night.  I got dressed in a pair of jeans that have been snug at best, long as I didn’t move too much.  Well there was room to breathe, wiggle and bend over.  I was so excited I ran downstairs screaming.  I told my husband I had room in my pants.  He walked up behind me, pulled on the waist and I felt all the room that is in them.  He said I can fit my whole hand in there.  I psyched.  I got even more motivated to keep loosing.

We went to O’ Charley’s for dinner.  I ordered chicken with twisted chips and substituted the chips with sweet potatoe fries and vinegrette dressing for the sauce.  I had water to drink and got full before finishing the meal.  I cut the chicken up for my daughter and took it to her.  The chicken was fabulous.

I am looking forward to more successes.  I wonder what the results will be next week.  I hope I have a more exciting report.

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